Analyzing the Early 2019 Kentucky Derby Odds

He 145th Kentucky Derby will be run on May 4th at Churchill Downs in Louisville.
This year, no 1 horse appears to stand head and shoulders over the rest. As a result, bettors will have opportunities to take down some big scores from the 2019 Run for the Roses.
Locating the ideal opportunities will be challenging as ever, but I will do my very best to help you discover where the gambling value lies.
I will be adding multiple posts concerning the 2019 Kentucky Derby within the next few weeks. Here, I will look at the early chances and do some first analysis.
Mike Watchmaker from the Daily Racing Form is among the very highly respected handicappers in the country. He’s posted early chances on all of the probable contenders, and you can check them out below.For generations, experienced horse gamers also have lived by the credo”speed makes the race” This is just as true today as it had been when the very first Kentucky Derby was run in 1875. You need to examine the past performances and create a simulated race in your mind’s eye with regard to the speed scenario.
The very first order of business is to ascertain which horses or horse are going to be at or close to the lead at the beginning of the race. I will offer an educated outlook, but the article positions will be a major factor on this level. The post position draw hasn’t been held.
Before I proceed, I must point out that post position is always going to be somewhat of a element in a horse race. This being stated, when you have 20 horses at the starting gate, it’s of the utmost importance.
It is not easy to clear the field if you are riding a front running horse that is breaking from post position 19 or 20. In fact, Big Brown is the only horse that has won the race from the number 20 spot.
Post position 1 can also be disadvantageous due to the odds of becoming bogged back in case a horse doesn’t have a lot of early rate.
If you do the study, you will find that the horse that has been assigned the first post ranking has won the Kentucky Derby eight occasions. But, seven of them were in the early days when there were much fewer entrants. The last horse to pull this feat off was Ferdinand back in 1986.
For this pace scenario analysis, let’s assume that all of the jockeys will have the ability to grab a decent running position.
Omaha Beach is a colt with good ancient foot, but he doesn’t absolutely need the lead to triumph. He has tactical speed, which is a valuable feature for Kentucky Derby participants. Maximum Security is undefeated in four attempts, and he’s certainly an early-speed merchant too.
Vekoma likes to operate or near the lead, Together with Tax. It seems like there’ll be a good bit of competition for front running spot, which bodes well for its middle-of-the-pack types along with the closers.
Of course, this is not to say that a standout horse like Omaha Beach can not set the pace and take home the prize. At the exact same time, not one of these jockeys are going to be able to sit cold on the lead in a leisurely pace.When you’re betting on the horses, whether it is the Kentucky Derby or a cheap claiming race, value is the title of the game. The objective isn’t to decide on the most likely winner; you want to set your money on the horse which has a better opportunity than its chances would indicate.
There has not been a Kentucky Derby in recent memory which supplied more value throughout the board compared to this one. If the favorite really winds up going off at odds of 5-1 or 6-1, the value is off the series, so this ought to be a great betting race.
Essentially, you are likely to receive a square price no matter who you back, and that is something you seldom see when speculating on the game of kings. If you’re ever likely to dig into your capital to take some significant risks on a horse race, this is the one.

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