Australia coach Michael Cheika upset by questions on future

Michael Cheika was upset by questions about his potential as Australias head coach after the World Cup defeat to England and asked fora little bit of empathy.
The Wallabies boss was talking shortly after his side lost to England in their quarter-final clash in Oita with a margin of 40-16.
After taking Australia the run of Cheika because has been a one. His future as head coach remains unknown and the subject dismayed him, when the question has been put to him regarding what happens next.
Im being honest, its a cruel world when you are being asked those questions two minutes once weve been knocked out of a World Cup, Cheika stated throughout his post-match press conference in Japan.
And, if youd find it in you to get a little bit of empathy for people that are damaging to just ask the further relevant questions.
For me, I came here with just 1 idea in my thoughts about winning and that thought has only disappeared today, not 15 or 20 minutes past.
I understand that thats what the papers demand, but maybe all of the news outlet would be, consider peoples feelings for a moment. Just chill
After being only 17-16 down in the second half, Englands 23 unanswered points abandoned the Wallabies searching.
Theyve obviously got a certain way that they play the game and I believed that we chose a fair bit of their kick out of the game, Cheika added.
They were not competent to box-kick and stress just as much on us. I believed we handled that part quite well but in which they were great was in defence.
We had our chance when we took that scrum down under the goal posts, that was the time to score. That instant was maintained by A moment in England and the World Cup.
They were deserved winners and theyll be a few going into the remaining portion of the tournament.
Prior to the press conference was concluded there was one question put again as head trainer onto his possible future.
Though it was prefaced withI loved the time-frame, it was pointed out that Cheika had said he wouldnt seek out re-appointment if Australia didnt win at the World Cup.
Once more, Cheika was firm with his reply.
If you love the time-frame, then ask this question? Well, when the time comes, Ill tell them…
They dont need to understand now, its not likely to kill them. Sweet?

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