BoDog SUCKS Cheating Bastards – CLOSING Account – STAY AWAY

Anybody considering Bodog, better think TWICE!!!!
Here we go with the 3rd time that they attempted to CHEAT me personally and have cheated me this last time.
On May 3 I put in a bet at the Conclusion of this 3rd for $20 to get Miami minus the things. When it processes it shows this wager:
Date placed:
May 03, 2011 7:56de Date settled:
May 03, 2011 8:17p Bodog Live Number 213737410 (Placed by Web)
Will the total points scored by the Celtics in the 3rd quarter be odd or even?
Boston Celtics at Miami Heat
(3rd Quarter 12:00)
“Even” -115 Mon@11:00p I ask and call wtf happened? They as usual say they don’t cancel wagers. I then have to struggle together and point out the bet shows 3rd Quarter and also the 3rd Quarter is over. How can I put a bet to get a 3rd quarter wager if the 3rd quarter is finished. In addition, I ask would I actually be that stupid to put a bet that wasn’t on the board for the wrong side? In addition, the time reflects the 3rd Quarter was completed.
Now for now…I had taken Dallas to the game at another book and following the 3rd Quarter if the Lakers were up 6, thought today would be the time to intrude on my Dallas to the Game wager, so I place a wager for $25 on LA -5.5 -101. As soon as I click the wager it reveals processing and then comes back and says”Line was updated to Lakers +103″. I look at the bottom of the page and no open bets. On top my equilibrium is the same, therefore I click on the button to make the wager. After it is accepted, the bottom of the screen shows 1 open wager, yet my account balance shows they took both bet.
Back on the phone, talk to the rep, put on hold for a manager, then hung on. Call back and go through the very same moves and get on the phone with the Supervisor. I describe to them what happened and she says that they do not cancel wagers. I informed them about what occurred 2 days before and I ask why you are trying to cheat me to receive your money back? Once more I am told that they don’t cancel wagers, but she will make a exception should I put a wager for $25 on another game and then they’d charge the one wager back. If I don’t the one will not be canceled. I mean seriously, is that the the right method to get some of their money back? Do they really believe I’m that stupid that I can not enter $50 or $25 and that when their strategy is merely taking 2 wagers rather than this one that I won’t call and say something? Pathetic!
Now I go back and wonder that when this first happened during my first week of drama and I was stuck with a bet, that a note was placed in my account that when a double bet happens immediately like this, the final was to be eliminated if it were at precisely the exact same time. Did they honor that, NO? Are they CHEATING me, YES!
I am just happy it’s their money I was playing with, but it is such BULLSHIT, which they’re attempting to deceive people such as this. Are they getting hurt that poor that they need to CHEAT YOU? So by forcing me to make a drama without completing my study that will satisfy my for their error?
Insert in that early this week I had problems with their site and the website had been telling me to phone them. They want me to put wagers to get a $50 minimum on the telephone. Some sport I will bet that or more and some I simply make a small wager to keep my addiction moving. They don’t want me to email them a screen shot of this error message and just keep saying we have no reports on our end.
I wish Pinnacle would take US Players….by far the very best book I’d. The Greek is also another great one, however they’ve made changes to withdrawals and deposits, so I was searching for one more book. BOY DID I CHOOSE WRONG!!!!!! Should have only handled the Greek or tried Betus or something. I’ve NEVER has any issues like this with a book earlier. NEVER! When there was a problem, it was fixed as long as I called when the mistake was created, which I did in this situation. The 4th didn’t even start and I missed the entire damn thing while on the phone with them.
Obviously, when the wager I was made to Place for tomorrow is completed, my money is coming to me and I am closing my account! No Longer from this Cheating Book. And so far as this site recommending them and having them in the TOP 5 is Complete Horse garbage!!! They ought to be removed from the website and not even used or recommended. I’ll be submitting a complaint to the gaming board their in Canada, but I am pretty certain it will mean garbage! But to anyone else who is searching for one more publication, do not utilize BoDog by any way unless you would like to keep dealing with a problem of type weekly or so.
Should you insist on using them, be smart and look over your bet once placed and display shot each display for your protection so that you have some proof and then it can be submitted somewhere to reveals these Dirty Cheating Procedures they prefer to use. I am just happy I only set $40 to test out how these men are and not the ordinary $500 like I do. I guess when you are around 15 times your first deposit and then have a bad day, they simply try to make it even worse. I will update here to see how their payout goes on to see if I receive a bounced check or if one comes.

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