Ciaran Kilkenny: Dublin’s win means absolutely everything

Four points from a consecutive name plus play – it was not a terrible day in the office for Ciaran Kilkenny.
The Castleknock club man saved his screen of 2019 to the moment, and then he can hardly contain himself.
“It means absolutely everything,” he beamed, talking to Sky Sports. “What we put in the last couple of weeks, concerning preparation, recovery, becoming around every other. Our households having to put up in your home with us. It only means so much to us. Everyone is so psychological out there on the area.
“Fair play to Kerry, they’re such a great team. Getting the line over just means so much to us. I have never felt anything. Everyone running following the match, it is an incredible feeling.
“That’s what football is for, that’s what the GAA is all about, and we are absolutely delighted.”
And since the three-time All-Star looks back he still understands sacrifices were made by others.
“I’m so fortunate – my Dad packs my own purse ahead of the matches and polishes my eyeglasses,” he continued. “They do all for me. My Mam has to put up with me being cranky across the house.
“My family, my intimate network of friends, they’ve been so supportive throughout the year and we are just delighted we have done .”
The elation was clear throughout the Dublin group, and it was a sense of relief as far as anything else after so much stress was piled on them.
“The elephant in the room was the five in a row,” noted Brian Howard. “But we did not pay much attention into it. There’s a whole lot of youthful hungry lads on this team.
“This is my next – I do not want to stop here.”
The Sky Blues have won an unprecedented fifth title in series, and it is going to have a team that was critical to stop them.
Howard added:”We’re still as hungry as ever, even though it’s close after the last whistle, we don’t wish to stop here, despite the fact that it’s really close following the final whistle as it’s a huge achievement.”
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