Danny Drinkwater: Burnley midfielder out for two weeks after nightclub fight

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Following maintaining ankle ligament damage in a nightclub 19, burnley midfielder Danny Drinkwater will be out for 2 weeks.
The 29-year-old, who is on loan from Chelsea, was attacked hours after the Clarets’ 3-0 defeat by Liverpool on Saturday, 31 August.
Drinkwater is unable to train on grass following the episode, based on Burnley manager Sean Dyche.
“They are human beings and people do get scrapes,” Dyche explained.
“He is old enough and wise enough to understand you do whatever you can to make an effort to not get into scratches but occasionally it happens.
“He’s part of us. We have to work together with him and help him get realigned into where he had been and where he would like to be. We have spoke to him and the rest will remain private.”
The Leicester midfielder was restricted this year and has been pictured with injuries after the episode.
“We have had a conversation with him said: What happened in the beginning? What was the case that led to it? OK, let’s go away from this in which to do we proceed from here? That is where we are in,” Dyche additional.
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