Global Gambling Industry in Recent Years

In the might of this business, to player specific tendencies, so that you may digest them at your 36, we have broken down all of the numbers and organized them.

When it’s an operator releasing their most recent earnings report, a roulette spinner or a poker player calculating their pot equity , numerical info permeates every inch of gambling. Get a handle on the characters to make the most of your match!
Betting Around The Planet The Big Picture
Before we drill into the minute details, let us first take a broad brush and paint-by-(the large)-numbers. The industry is a diverse and complex beast, but if you look beneath the hood you will see that its numbers make for reading.

Starting from the top, the most important stat for gamblers as it stands is the value of this business as a whole. Split into two chief verticals, live and online, the world has experienced remarkable growth.
Who’s Doing Worst?
If it comes to betting Aussies’ currently lead the way. In 2014, Australians gambled over $916 per person, with Singaporeans coming a close second on $891.16. Singapore legalized casino gaming, and the spend isn’t a surprise.

Despite being the home of Las Vegas, Americans are a distant third on $505.44 per capita, with Ireland and its liberal approach to gambling next on $490.39. The UK, with legal land-based and online gambling, and boasting among the world’s premier licensing jurisdictions, sits far back on $377.83.

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