Indiana Pacers

Vegas Over/Under: 31.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 30-52 The Bet: lean although Prevent under
Spoiler alert: Losing Paul George is a major thing.
Based on NBA Math’s total points added (TPA) metric, the haul–if you can call it –brought back in return couldn’t quite match his production throughout the 2016-17 season. Whereas the superstar small forward finished with 150.42 TPA, Victor Oladipo (minus-58.86 TPA) and Domantas Sabonis (minus-159.61) dropped just a bit short.
Of course, the Pacers purchased into these kids for their long-term potential. They ought to improve throughout the 2017-18 effort, and the same is the case of Myles Turner, who is a good bet to become a first-time All-Star during the upcoming season. This roster does have some upside down, particularly when factoring in Cory Joseph and T.J. Leaf.
However, is that enough to overcome the departures of both George and C.J. Miles? Probably not, which explains exactly why a steep dropoff should be expected after the Pacers somehow exceeded expectations to complete with a 42-40 record lest year.
These players will be learning in featured characters, and losses will happen quite frequently. But that’s not a thing that is terrible. Allow the up-and-comers grow, maximize the capacity of draft picks during the 2018 prospect pageant and reap the rewards down the road.

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