Lauren Southern could be the EPITOME of what the Left hates—she’s a well talked, smart, attractive woman…who DOESN’T like contemporary feminism!

Lauren Southern could be the EPITOME of what the Left hates—she’s a well talked, smart, attractive woman…who DOESN’T like contemporary feminism!

One channel that I’ve discovered instrumental in red pilling females happens to be Lauren Southern’s channel. Ladies have a tendency to pay attention to her much more than some man that is bearded Roosh or some butthurt little MGTOW faggot, for some reasons.

  1. She’s well spoken and maybe not angry or bitter
  2. She’s a female
  3. She’s pretty

Whenever girls see somebody such as this, they be aware. “Why is not she a feminist?” they’ll think. Nearly all women have already been brainwashed their whole EVERYDAY LIVES to purchase into this “rape culture,” anti-male, “patriarchal oppression,” bullshit. Then when a lady entirely disagrees, it stands out.

As a part note, there are more female YouTubers who’re additionally anti-feminist, such as for instance Blonde when you look at the stomach associated with the Beast and Karen Straughan, but Lauren Southern is the better to attain a wide market, because she’s young and has now great qualifications.

The place to start

Lauren Southern’s basic introduction, “Why I’m not a feminist,” is an excellent place to begin. It may cause a small amount of a visceral response, particularly in the greater hardened feminists, but also for any logical woman, this will set them from the right course.

Keep in mind, however, you’ll want to start slow. Can you remember the length of time it took one to ingest the pill that is red? It’s a whole journey, that sometimes takes YEARS. Have patience, and provide her time.

Perhaps deliver her a YouTube movie or article monthly. Plant seeds. Ask on her opinion. Make use of the method that is socratic discover ways to ask the right questions that may get her reasoning and questioning her presumptions. Concerns like:

  • “So do you consider ladies must certanly be drafted when you look at the army?”
  • “Do you believe that there must be custody that is equal the wife and husband?”
  • “Do you would imagine you will find any hormone or biological differences when considering gents and ladies?”

Although these aren’t really red tablet concerns, they’re frequently enough to push her into the direction that is right. We can’t emphasize this enough—you don’t like to totally and utterly demolish her globe view. Simply grow some seeds that are subtle will develop in the long run.


If every guy red pilled just one girl which he knew, we’re able to turn each of Western Civilization around in just a matter of fifteen years. It’s really that simple—we don’t need some ridiculous, elaborate plan, we should just teach individuals.

Do your part in gradually moving our tradition back into sanity by sharing red pilled news sources, and youTubers that are anti-feminist as Lauren Southern, Karen Straughan, and Blonde into the stomach of this Beast.

The fact that they’re women against modern feminism speaks louder than any possible man could ever dream to speak although they lack the sheer argumentative power of Ben Shapiro or Stefan Molyneux.

In the event that you dudes have actually any queries, feedback, or concerns, please go ahead and keep them listed below. As always, I’ll see you guys next time!

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We met my partner while travelling international 2 years ago. Since her showing up to reside in Australia after we got hitched, I’ve exposed her to all the very same things to red pill her, also with me just. She had been never ever a feminist, and it is a woman that is traditional the commencement. But she lacked a huge variety of information about present occasions when you look at the western, as she’s Asian, in addition they don’t have any one of that bullshit that is retarded here at all.

Ah yes, Asian ladies are generally speaking really conventional. We have to focus on bringing this relative back into the western.