Michigan State–Notre Dame football rivalry

The Michigan State–Notre Dame football rivalry is an American School football Competition between the Michigan State Spartans and Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The first game between the groups took place. Notre Dame leads the series 47–29–1 ).
Since 1949, the teams competed for the Megaphone Trophy, a prize introduced by the Alumni Clubs of Notre Dame and Michigan State to be presented to the winner of this match. [1] Notre Dame leads the Megaphone Trophy series 33–27–1 ).
The Notre Dame side of the trophy is blue, while the Michigan State side is green, and the year of this match and teams’ respective scores running down the center. The current trophy is the third decoration as the prior two trophies no longer have space for the various games to be contained.
The rivalry consists of several noteworthy matches, like the 1966 game, arguably one of the best college football games ever playedwith. Notre Dame now leads the set. Games played prior to 1949 also appear on the trophy to commemorate the series. [3] Notre Dame is the present holder of the trophy, with a 38–18 victory on September 23, 2017. They will hold the Megaphone Trophy until 2026 when the 2 teams are scheduled to perform again

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