Myth of Sports Betting: The “Fix”


The”fix” is a widespread belief among amateur bettors. Every now and again, accusations of a fix even make it into esteemed magazines and books.

I don’t feel that NFL games are fixed and here’s why. First, over the past 25 decades, I’ve known lots of handicappers, such as myself, that have consistently won money gambling the NFL. If the matches were not fair, we could not have won. Handicapping simply couldn’t overcome players that were shaving or dumping points. Second, in order to fix a match, two events would need to occur. The fixer would need to acquire important players involved, and be in a position to bet enough to conquer the obligations he has made to the players that are crooked.

Over the previous 15 years, NFL salaries have skyrocketed. Important players, who would have to be in on the fix in order for it to operate, make well into the millions each season. They create from advertisements and endorsements. It might cost a great deal of money to get to these players. And you may never correct a game with a single player ; a few would need to bought.

The fixer would then have to gamble enough on the game to turn a profit on the deal. To be able to bet this big he would have to use hundreds or thousands of bookmakers.

And bookmakers would certainly notice when they saw this tidal wave of cash coming in on one group. Since the money came in from all over the nation, bookmakers would be able to put off the money with other bookmakers. When enormous money comes in from apparently nowhere it is called unnatural cash, and bookmakers are always suspicious about it. With numerous countless suddenly coming in, suspicion could be rampant.

When bookmakers see unnatural cash, they just take games off the board until they know the reason behind it. And there is a reasonable explanation. Occasionally it’s an accident which comes to light. On occasion a name in gambling likes the team.

Bookmakers, who themselves depend on accurate handicapping, know the only way they can survive is for NFL games to be fair. Coups, such as the ones that have tarnished college basketball from time to time, could wipe them out. Bookmakers would be the first to turn in anyone who attempted to resolve a game.

Believers in repairs also point to referees as possible culprits. Since referees make far less cash than players and exert great control over games, this could be achievable except for two things.

First, the NFL does a really close background check to potential referees. Before anyone is allowed to ref NFL games, a great deal of solid sources have to consider him bribe-proof.

Second, sources in Las Vegas keep records on which referees work which games and correlate the data with any large money that comes in on a game. If any questionable correlation between a specific ref and unnatural money turned upward, it would be reported immediately to the NFL.

Don’t use the fix as an excuse to lose. Get to work in your own handicapping.

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