Naomi Osaka: Comedy duo ‘A Masso’ apologise for ‘bleach’ comments

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A Western comedy duo have apologised once they allegedly said Australian Open winner Naomi Osaka”needed some bleach” during a live event.
Western Osaka, 21, won her first Pan Pacific Open title in her hometown Osaka on Sunday – her first prize since January’s Melbourne win.
The duo, known as’A Masso’, also allegedly said”she’s too sunburned”.
Their management firm, Watanabe Entertainment, states they have been warned following the remarks.
Both women apologised for making”inappropriate, hurtful opinions”, though they didn’t title two-time Grand Slam winner Osaka, who is Haitian-Japanese.
“We sincerely apologise to creating the particular individual feel uneasy, as well as for everyone else linked to the occasion,” comic Ai Murakami stated.
“We sincerely apologise for causing problem. Though we ought to have thought about it, we left comments that hurt lots of people, something we’ll never do again.”
Back in January, Japanese noodle business Nissin was accused of”whitewashing” the mixed-race Osaka at a manga drawing.
Former world number one Osaka was born in Japan when she was still young, before moving to the United States.
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