Nemanja Matic frustrated by Manchester United role under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic admits he has become frustrated sitting on the bench this year.
Matic, the midfielder who joined United for 40m at 2017 from Chelsea, created his first start of the season in Saturday’s 1-0 home win over Leicester, coming into the injured Paul Pogba.
Butup until this weekend, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, had been favouring a rally of Scott along with Pogba McTominay.
“Obviously [it’s been frustrating],” Matic said. “I want to play, I always offer my best for your team.
“The coach will be the guy who chooses the team and whenever you’re on the bench you aren’t pleased, but I am trying to convince him to change his mind and pick me to perform with.
“The season is very long. [Against Leicester] as you noticed I playedand we won the match.
“I’m happy so we’ll find out in the long run what the trainer will pick.
“I am ready. In the last ten years I have played in a high level and each game I strive to do my very best to help the team because I think I am a team player and I will help a lot I believe.”
Put to Matic that he doesn’t look the kind of man to knock on a supervisor’s door, he said:”No, I never did this.
“I show my caliber about the pitch, and in training sessions and in games. This isn’t my method to fight to the location.”