NFL Week 2 Special Betting Props

Every week during the NFL season, sportsbooks throughout the industry come up with topical props and special and they have been at Odds Shark Inform by us for you.
Want to impress coworkers and your friends with your knowledge of niche and interesting prop bets? Check back here each week to see what special lines sportsbooks are providing.
Here’s what bookmakers have set for Week two:
OBJ obtained attention to wearing a Richard Mille view estimated to be worth 189k??during the Browns loss to the Titans.
You can bet on which type of watch he’ll be sporting at the Browns Week 2 matchup against the Jets.??
Curious at September 11??at BetOnline
OJ Simpson has been very busy and he has been making a great deal of remarks about his fantasy group, mentioning his frustration with the retirement of Andrew Luck along with the drama surrounding Antonio Brown.
Now you can wager on whether or not The Juice??wins his dream league… discuss a survivor pool.
Curious in BetOnline at September 11
While they didn’t quite live until the offseason hype, the Browns did acquire 1 division in Week 1they gathered more penalty yards. Can they be a little more disciplined against the Jets?
Curious at BetOnline at September 11
The Jets had some using a video of USWNT celebrity Carli Lloyd successfully kicking on a 55-yard field goal emerging in August difficulties and kicking, they may want to offer her a look.
Curious at BetOnline at September 11
The Ravens beat up the Dolphins in Week 1 to the tune of a 59-10 scoreline. BetOnline has set the odds to get a team at 3/1 to beat this season to Baltimore score in a game at some point.
Odds as of September 11??at BetOnline
Odds in BetOnline as of September 11
Odds at September 11
Odds at September 11
Curious as of September 11
Odds at September 11
Curious as of September 11
Odds at September 11
Curious at September 11??in BetOnline
Odds at BetOnline at September 11

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