Patriots WR Antonio Brown will not face prosecution on sexual assault accusations

New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown won’t be prosecuted according to law enforcement.
Britney Taylor is currently bringing a civil lawsuit against Brown to an alleged incident in June 2017.
“Our office, along with the Allegheny County Police Department, made contact counsel for the prosecution in the federal litigation between Antonio Brown,” the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office wrote in a statement.
“Procedurallyit seems there is a statute of limitations problem in moving forward with any question involving the Allegheny County allegation mentioned in the litigation.”
The NFL has interviewed Taylor and proceeds to investigate, but it is not known if the league will probably interview Brown.
Taylor claims she was sexually assaulted by Brown on three separate occasions, including after in Pittsburgh, in which the wide receiver played for fourteen days for the Steelers, and double in Florida.
ESPN also has noted until the suit was filed, that Brown, who hired Taylor after they attended Central Michigan in the time, turned down a $ 2m settlement.
Confidential talks between the two parties were maintained, and it had been determined unless terms of this confidentiality had been breached the Patriots would not have known about the allegations.
Darren Heitner, Brown’s attorney, said in a statement that his client had been at a”consensual personal relationship” with Taylor.

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