border – Ws the previous resolution.

In the UK, home to more than three million EU citizens, including one million Polakow.zobacz also Brexit. Here are 5 conditions for the success of the agreement with the EU “If this provision becomes part of the law, and ORG the3million submit an application for judicial verification of the Act (called. Judicial review) – said lawyer law firm Leigh Day, Rosa Curling quoted by the newspaper” Guardian “. According to ORG, according to the government’s clause is needed to allow for “effective control of immigration.” Organizations ORG the3million and alert, however, that this provision would be the first in the UK almost by accident off immigration legislation with data protection laws, in addition incompatible with the principles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (ang. General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). In connection with this new law, instead of strengthening the rights of citizens to data protection, will have the opposite effect and create a “discriminatory two-tier system of data protection rights” .See also: United Kingdom: Teacher planned to create a “jihad army of children” »In practice, the introduction of this clause would mean that if someone in relation to the wrong decision was taken to expel from the country, that person would be very difficult to challenge such a decision – said the executive director of ORG Jim Killock. Reading of the draft law on the protection of personal data is scheduled in the House of Commons on Monday. They talked about this on Wednesday at a press conference in Bialystok candidates Monika Kaminska and David Tomar.

They presented the response to the interpellation of Modern envoy Christopher Truskolaski of 2017. On the construction of an airport in Bialystok addressed to the Speaker of Parliament by the then minister of infrastructure and construction. Tomar said that in this document it is stated that the ministry – “in principle supports the decisions about the design and development of new airports,” but the decision should be made taking into account the social and economic aspects of the region, but mainly take into account the “feasibility and financial independence of the project in the long term based on a reliable business plan. ” He also said that the letter is also mentioned that the ministry “does not have the budgetary resources that could be used as support for the construction and development of new airports.” “You have to be stated clearly that Mr. Jacek Zalek just head in the clouds with his festival promises. Promises bialostoczanom pie in the sky, and generally these are promises simply without cover.

The Ministry explicitly states that there is no money to build such airports, to build a new airport, “- said Tomar.zobacz also CBOS: Half of Poles believe that the situation in the country is heading in the right direction» What about Patrick Ziobro application to TK: it will not lead to the exit from the EU Polish »” Mr makes promises that have no real coverage in government documents or strategic. that is why we would like to inhabitants sensibly and honestly looked at what they promise candidates, as promised sometimes things that can not be realized, and no government is able to do this “- said Monika Kaminska. She added that such investment one has to type documents, long-term financial projections, set a budget. “It does not happen on the basis of a conversation (…) does not settle in the way such cases the airport” – she added Kaminska. Right candidate for president of the United Bialystok Tuesday unveiled the latest electoral spot where his support PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski says that the construction of an airport in Bialystok makes sense, because it will raise the importance of cities and regions. “Mr. Jacek Zalek, our candidate, the candidate of the United Right, this is an experienced politician who not only very much can, but it can also get and certainly get very serious support from Warsaw, also my support just to fix these issues, that are difficult, but Bialemustokowi that can help a lot, even the construction of an airport, the airport, which makes sense, although not everybody understands, “- says in the spot Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Law and Justice leader adds in a spot that the construction of an airport pay for research paper cheap in Bialystok makes sense because it will enable it to “compete with Vilnius”, “worry about the movement of Belarus”, “it can become really important airport, a major factory work and at the same time an institution that raises important and Bialystok and the region of Podlasie. ” Jacek Zalek also spoke Tuesday at a press conference that the construction of the airport spoke Monday in Bialystok with the head of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak and that also the minister “made a statement about the need for construction of an airport that will serve defensive purposes, but it can be used for civilian purposes, “and the minister declared that the talks will be about the airport in the NATO partnership. In Podlasie has no regional airport, its construction had planned the provincial government, but a few years ago, resigned from the investment (there were problems with the location, the environmental decision-PAP) hit the money on investments in regional roads. Hardened runway at Bialystok Krywlany Airport (belt with a length of approx.

1.3 kilometers) built the city of Bialystok, investment financially supported the provincial government. The belt is not put to use. A similar runway also started to build a government of Suwalki financially supported also by the private investor – Forte furniture factory – and the provincial government. We emphasize that no new accounts have been opened, and the bank has no plans to open any new accounts – Gazprombank said in a statement. On Saturday, Reuters reported that PDVSA encourages partners from joint ventures to have made her accounts through the newly-opened account in the Russian Gazprombank. The agency, which claims to have a copy of an official, confidential document PDVSA in this case, estimated that PDVSA was trying to circumvent sanctions imposed on the company on January 28 by the United States.

The purpose of these was to limit the sanctions regime, Nicolas Maduro access to funds from the sale of oil and gas, which are the main wealth of the country. The sanctions are a response to the appeal of the provisional Venezuelan President Juan Guaido to prevent international institutions about making money transfers by the previous government. United States first recognized the temporary takeover by the president Guaido. After them, it made more than 40 other countries. Russia, which in recent years has provided billions of dollars of loans Maduro regime, still considers its president. (PAP) As reported Ministry of Defense adopted by the Council of Ministers document specifies, among others, “Directions of technical modernization of the Polish Army” on: diagnosis equipment and warfare, command and communication equipment, air defense system equipment, sets of anti-tank guided missiles, wheeled armored personnel carriers, medium-sized transport aircraft, ships and marine equipment, electronic equipment and tanks. “The resolution also defines the issues related to modernization of defense systems of the Armed Forces, obligations arising from international agreements, the accumulation and holding of stocks of munitions and material resources for the Armed Forces, training, dislocation of military units and military infrastructure and personnel policy” – Ministry reads.

As highlighted, adopted by the government document “is the basis for programming the development of the armed forces.” “The next step will be to issue orders implementing the development of the program and the plans of the Armed Forces of derivatives, including Technical Modernization Plan for the years 2017-2026” – added MON.zobacz also Chief of General Staff once again in command »The resolution was bear the classified. In early May, the detailed directions of reconstruction and technical modernization of the Armed Forces for the years 2017-2026 were positively assessed by the parliamentary committee of national defense. According to the opposition, this document – including next program of technical modernization of the army – should have been released by the end of 2016. deputies submitted in February a request for verification of the delays by the SCC. According to the Law on reconstruction and technical modernization and financing of the Armed Forces of the Polish government, after consulting the commission of the Sejm Committee. National defense, determines the specific directions of reconstruction and technical modernization of the army every 4 years, based on the main directions of development of the Armed Forces and their preparations for the defense the state defined by the president and the commitments made in the framework of the NATO defense planning. Ws the previous resolution.

Detailed directions of reconstruction and modernization of the army (for the years 2013 to 2018) was adopted by the government in September 2012. May gave his statement before the cameras in Downing Street after a prolonged five-hour cabinet meeting devoted to the preliminary version of the agreement exit the country from the European Union. The next step in the process is to obtain approval from the leaders of the other 27 Member States of the European Union, and then winning the majority of votes for the generated text in the British Parliament and the European Parliament. Britain should leave the European Union March 29, 2019 year. At the trial, which takes place with the participation of jury last of the parties. Russian Investigative Committee “did not explain the brutal murder under the walls of the Kremlin.

The organizers and the principal, who directed the contractors, are still at large,” – he said on Tuesday Olga Mikhailova, which together with Vadim Prokhorov represents the daughter Nemtsov – Zanna as a party poszkodowana.Prawniczka assessed that “not only money” were the reason for the murder. “We are convinced that the source of the assassination lead to the higher authorities of Chechnya and the Russian Federation” – said Mikhailov; It assessed that the principals should be sought among Czeczenii.Prochorow authorities argued that “well prepared at the request of the murder can not be explained until you set at least one client.” Attorneys also told jurors that think that everyone who sat in the dock are guilty of murder, with the exception of Chamzata Bachajewa.Z turn Siemienienko prosecutor Maria, who appeared at the trial last week, estimated that guilt Bachajewa fully proven, like the four other guilty defendants. He argued that they followed the policy, and February 27, 2015 year Nemtsov shot on the Great Bridge Moskworeckim Zaur Dadajew. Anzor took Gubaszew Dadajewa car from the place of murder and Szadid Gubaszew Eskierchanow Tamerlane and helped them to hide and destroy evidence. “There are other people connected with the case, but so far have not been established” – admitted the prosecutor. But – as assessed – in the dock there is no one who should not be on it to find. It urged the jury to recognize all the accused for the murder of winnych.Proces Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister of Russia, he began in July last year. From the beginning, the family lawyers Nemtsov assessed that the murder may have been related Gieriemiejew Ruslan, a former deputy commander of the battalion “Siewiera” (North) forming part of the Russian Interior Ministry troops.

Lawyers demanded call him as a witness, but Gieriemiejew failed to appear in court. The court did not agree to his doprowadzenie.Komitet Investigators of the Russian Federation acknowledged the murder Nemtsov murder for money, which was the principal driver Gieriemiejewa, Ruslan Muchudinow. So far, it has not been recognized. All defendants are from Chechnya, part of which was associated with the structures of the republic of force, including the battalion “Siewiera” .O that Germans often received threats, but only seriously feared leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said during the process of co-worker killed , opposition politician Ilya Yashin. The concerns related to the Chechen authorities also said in testimony during the investigation, a spokeswoman Olga Szorina Nemtsov. Her testimony had not been read in the presence of the jury. In late May, the court decided to head an independent radio station Ekho Moskvy, Alexei Wieniediktowa, who testified that on the day of the murder Nemtsov told him that “the threat of Chechnya intensified.” The court did not agree to Wieniediktowa occurred in the presence of przysieglych.Po speeches pages will separate jury to verdict.

If you recognize that the fault of the accused has been proven, it is decided to dimension kary.Niemcow was shot dead on 27 February 2015. Late in the evening in the center of Moscow. The politician was one of the leaders of the Republican Party of Russia – National Freedom Party (Parnas) and deputy regional parliament in Yaroslavl. He was a staunch critic of President Vladimir Putin, in particular its policy towards Ukraine. Earlier, in the 90s Nemtsov was governor of Nizhny Novgorod. He was one of the closest collaborators of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Candidates designated by Justice include Darius Drajewicz, Jaroslav Dudzicz, Teresa Kurcyusz-Furmanik, Ewa Lapinska, Leszek Mazur, Maciej Nawacki Dagmar Pawelczyk-Woicka Rafal Puchalski and Paul K. Styrna. In turn, the candidates nominated by kukiz’15 are: Gregory Furmankiewicz Marek Jaskulski, Joanna Wheeler-Michalowicz Zbigniew shells, Jedrzej Kondek and Maciej A. Mitera. Other clubs do not exercise their right to indicate candidates. Gasiuk-Pihowicz on Friday at a press conference in the Parliament assessed that the list of candidates submitted by the National Court Register Law and Justice, “looks a bit like a social chronicle Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro.” – It is really a shame list of Polish justice – said deputy Nowoczesnej.zobacz also pointed PiS candidates to KRS »In her view, many of the” nominees “Justice to the National Court, the Minister Ziobro friends from school, his subordinates or people who with him awansowali.Gasiuk-exchanged among Pihowicz Dagmar Pawelczyk-Woicka as said – according to the media – “school friend Zbigniew Ziobro”. – The Ministry of Justice is subordinate Zbigniew Ziobro, worked on breaking the Constitution Act on the Judiciary. The opinion of her work made a president of the court, which was established by Zbigniew Ziobro – pointed deputy judge also mentioned Nowoczesnej.Poslanka Drajewicza Darius, who – according to her – 20 times unsuccessfully tried to get a promotion to a higher court, applied 18 times for promotion to the district court and 2 times to the provincial administrative court. – Opinion about his work made a president of the court, which was established by Zbigniew Ziobro – added Gasiuk-Pihowicz.Poslanka Modern also wondered “whether we are dealing with collusion and kukiz’15 Justice”, because – as noted – Justice reported 9 candidates KRS and kukiz’15 only 6. – Somehow it just closes the list of 15 candidates, which is the one that must be presented to the Parliament vote – marked Gasiuk-Pihowicz.Zgodnie the amendment of the Act on the National Court Register by the Law and Justice party entitled to notification KRS proposals are candidates for a group of 25 judges and a group of at least two thousand people.