Rugby World Cup: Scotland v Japan to go ahead

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Scotlands World Cup match with Japan will go World Rugby continues to be verified.
The guys of gregor Townsend could have been eliminated from the World Cup had the Pool A finale.
The game was from Typhoon Hagibis under threat, with a change of dates.
Scotland is led by the host country by four points after a cancellation and three successes would have led to the match.
Group rivals Ireland have secured their position with a win over Samoa in the past eight.
Scotland should take four more points than the host country to progress to the quarter finals.
A review of the stadium in Yokahama by World Rugby happened at 22:00 BST having an announcement created nearly five hours afterwards, on Saturday.
England v France games and Even the New Zealand v Italy were all cancelled.
World Rugby rules state thatwhere a swimming pool game cant be initiated on the day where its scheduled, it shall be delayed to the following day and will be deemed as cancelled. In situations like this, the result will probably be allocated two points each and no score enrolled.

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