Tokyo Olympic marathon moved over climate concerns

The International Olympic Committee has announced plans to proceed to the Tokyo 2020 marathon and race walking events over 800 kilometres south of Japans funding.
Organisers seem keen to prevent a repeat of what occurred at Doha at the World Athletics Championships, where due to sweltering heat and humidity, half the area failed to finish the womens marathon.
The host of the 1972 Winter Olympics, sapporo, can be five to six degrees warmer on average throughout the Games period of mid-to-late July and early August than Tokyo.
IOC president Thomas Bach said:Trainers wellbeing and well-being are always at the core of our worries.
The new far-reaching proposals to proceed the marathon and race walking events reveal just how seriously we consider such concerns.
The Olympic Games would be the stage where athletes may contributeonce-in-a-lifetime performances, and such steps ensure they possess the requirements to give their very best.

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