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It was also nice to explore my feminine side too. I struggled with it a bit but eventually got it on. I stopped sucking on him and climbed from Don’s lap. Paul then said, Don, I believe Jay needs to learn to not hesitate when I ask him to do anything. It also enabled me to completely let go in a way I never needed before, thus by giving hands to Paul, it also enabled me to fully live out my dreams too. Paul was sharing intimate details of the secret night but I figured he had already told Don the gory details earlier in the afternoon anyway.

I wanted that dick so badly now. He could ‘t wait to get his ass fucked. best hookup Fuck me great Paul. Yes you did Paul and you weren’t exaggerating. Last night ravaged the regular. As we slow danced, Don’s hands started to roam over my bum and legs.

I was bent over a stranger’s lap letting him spank meboth guys currently claiming control . It was then that Paul stunned me when he said, Uh Jay, I kind of informed Don what occurred last night. I was blushing and could barely look at them. I wondered exactly what it looked like. I want to fuck that nice tight butt of yours . He waited for my response. I expect he didn’t disclose that our little secret to anyone. I’d enjoy being on display for the room service server and I enjoyed doing for our anonymous viewer that watched through the window. I wasn’t attracted to him just like I was to Paul but I was doing this for Paul if it would help turn him on.

I felt my cock getting hard continuously during the afternoon as my thoughts drifted to the night before. I sure would allow Jay suck my dick Paul. There’s no harm in having a drink with him was the believing I used to warrant meeting Paul again. I stood in the bar as we drank, talked and allow them to cast their eyes . I moaned softly as every guy took one of my nipples into their mouths and licked and sucked on them. I couldn’t pay attention to the conference session I was in. Paul then lifted my head and told be to suck his cock which I gladly did.

He started fucking my lips faster as my head bobbed in rhythm. I took a huge gulp of beer before I turned the doorknob. I guarantee I felt like turning around and running away sometimes. His very first wad of cum splashed in my throat as he grunted loudly.

What should I do? Can I even respond? Does he need to do it ? Do I need to do it ? Then Paul pulled down the front of the bodystocking to expose my nipples.

I couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t believe I acted upon a fantasy and I justified it in my head as a once in a life action so the guilt wasn’t necessary. I want you to give my friend a good blow job just like you did for me. Can you do that for me Jay?

There is something about feeling needed that makes me hot and sexy. I was in paradise with a dick between my lips and another in my bum. Paul asked me to do some slow twirl for them and stated, see, Don, I advised you Jay has a great ass and legs. Then I thought of the conclusion of the experience feeling so excited I completely submitted myself to another guy letting him dress me up in lingerie, obeying his every purchase and fulfilling his sexual needs. I could barely admit to myself what I had done but to see Paul again would emphasize the events of the previous night.

Don’s dick wasn’t as large as Paul’s but it was fatter, filling my mouth and stretching my lips. I don’t know exactly what to say. Right Jay? Then Don left to go to the bathroom leaving me alone with Paul. Paul pulled me near him as we slow danced. I wondered what was happening.

You did what? Paul sat down next to Don as he started to work the vibrator in my bum. I believe I was a bit scared because I liked it so much. Are you serious?

I can’t believe you did that. After the song ended, I believed Paul come me up, beginning to push his dick between my bum cheeks and started kissing my throat. Jay is such a little cock whore Don. I was sandwiched between the two guys as we all danced. Heck, I let him treat me like a entire slut. The head pushed then slowly kept pushing ahead.

He climbed behind me as Don moved to my side. I advised you Jay was an enthusiastic cocksucker didn’t I? This will only add a little spice to the excitement. There was a fitting g string I placed on that coated my genitals but left my bum cheeks exposed.

Don’Can you agree? Request him Jay. Then his breathing got faster and he lunged forward while holding on tightly to my mind. Four hands roamed over my body.

It was all one piece but the areas around my crotch and ass were available which would leave Paul access to my bum. I agreed as he lead me to the middle of the room with Don’s eyes following us the entire way. I felt pleased that they had been happy. I want to give him a wet, sloppy blow job.

I want you to cum in my mouth. I need to taste your own cum. Same bar same time? It was a one time fling for both of us and we might only be friends or drinking buddies. I believe he enjoy giving as much as I like receiving a blow job. I started to feel used and ashamed of my actions.

The moment of truth had arrived. Paul just watched with a sheepish grin on his head as he noticed his friend spank my bum. Paul then said , recall last night while I was fucking you Jay? You said you wanted to suck a dick while I fucked you. He simply wants to observe. In my head and our match, No wasn’t an option.Doing something from the normal is also energizing.

It was insulting and humiliating however such a turn on. I was embarrassed but getting turned on in the same time. I was even more worried than the previous day. When Paul saw me he kissed me over to the booth. I’ll do that for you.

Once I shut the door I simply shook my head. After we finished our drinks Paul started to get up and stated, shall we? Suck me great Jay, ahhh, just like that. My heart was beating twice as we entered the room. He explained what a great cocksucker I was and how my blow job was really enthusiastic. Sexual tension filled the room. Additionally, I felt tremendously turned on at the thought of a person seeing my slutty actions in person.

Yes Paul, I want to suck Don’s dick. I sure needed it too. I want you to fuck my bum just like you did last night. He seems somewhat lonely sitting over there by himself. Dressing up in lace and stockings while turning someone else on was so arousing. Do you want a dick in your mouth Jay?

If you inquire Don real fine, I bet he’d allow you to suck on his prick. Then he took the vibrator and lube and then handed them to Don who jumped to place a lube on my asshole then slowly start to penetrate my ass with his middle finger. I was somewhat pissed and he could tell. All of us got up and started to walk towards the hotel. Now beg him real fine. Part of me wanted to have another night with Paul but I figured maybe it was this way.

Perhaps this was only a friendly happy hour to simply shoot the shit like friends. Paul ordered me to bend over on the mattress which I gladly did. I had been thinking about it all day and I was going to enjoy every second of his hard meat in my mouth. I really did need to suck on his cock now. He held my head as he started to fuck my mouth. I forgot that Don was even in the room but it has to have been quite a show for him. He did such a great job sucking yours, so I would love a blow job from Jay right now.

Don’s difficult on poked from his boxers and his face was flush. Paul got us more beers and a few shots of tequila. Paul pulled away from me, looked into my eyes and leaned in to kiss me deep. I was mesmerized.

It felt just like one of the greatest walks of my life. Some spdate login of it dripped from my mouth and down my chin. I wanted to please him in every way I could. Come on Jay, you want to trust me. I want you to fuck my bum. Don was shorter than me, probably about ‘ and a little over lbs. I shut my eyes to enjoy the numerous sensations arousing my body as my breathing grew heavier.

Good option. I couldn’t believe I was letting a guy who I had only met a couple of hours back finger fuck my ass whilst bent on his lap. p>As I entered the room, they stared longingly at me and I could see their eyes moving up and down as they checked me out. Come on buddy. I’m just going to have Don help to prep you which ‘s all. My tongue swirled around the head as my lips held his dick tight.

Despite my confusion, I returned the text. I saw Paul nod to Don as his friend now took me into his arms and brought me closer to him. You were correct Paul, he looks great at the bodystocking. I desired them to treat me like a whore. You are such a great cockucker Jay. I wasn’t sure I could do it again or even when I wanted to.

I opened the package and discovered a black body stocking with a lace bodice with garter like straps attached to lace stockings. Paul introduced me to his co worker Don who desired to grab a couple of beers . The morning following my hookup with Paul I felt somewhat guilty for what I did but it was also kind of exhilarating. He looked deep in my eyes again with a firm look. Will you let me give you a blow job Don? I was so hot as I took him between my lips and started to bob my mind while Don worked the vibrator in and out of my bum. I was turned on.

I needed him in my mouth . That’s fine Jay. I was curious to see what he had picked out for me. The pleasure was overwhelming. He asked Don to sit on the edge of the bed and told me to bend over Don’s knees.

I felt almost hypnotized and couldn’t believe myself when I responded, um, I, I guess we could try it but I’m not sucking his dick or fucking him. I was going to let two guys use my body for their pleasure or was I using them for my pleasure? It didn’t take Don long to eliminate his t shirt and allow his boxers fall to the floor and climb back on the mattress to present his prick to my lips. After a couple of beers, I could see Paul and Don trying to give every other silent signs. I liked teasing them. It was almost like I couldn’t have said if I wanted to. After about half an hour and a couple of more shots, I was completely relaxed and somewhat drunk.

He kept shooting cum and I couldn’t maintain. You really know how to give a man a blow job. I was never the submissive kind before but somehow letting someone else take control relieved me of those duties for last night I was ordered to do these things even though we had acted them out at the chat rooms a few times before.

While I was getting ready for the conference sessions for that day, my mind kept wandering back to the events of the previous night. Just like the night before, we made small talk as we drank and had a light meal. My head was pressed against the mattress with my ass high in the atmosphere.

Then he put some lube on the vibrator and started to push it into my bum. Paul had some sort of power . I was proud of my sexual prowess. I just remembered how much you appreciated being watched last night and I thought it may be interesting to do it again with someone right there in the room with us. Paul grasped my ass closely and has been dry humping me at the center of the room which made my cock stir as well. He is only going to see nothing else. Then I felt Paul push ahead and I pushed back to assist him enter me.

Ok? This one was larger and more luxurious than the night before. His friend returned the grin. Could I even face Paul again?

Then approximately o’clock I received a text from Paul. Don had this evil little grin on his face as I approached and patted his lap as an invite. Jay needs to learn a lesson. Fuck me nice and hard. Please Don please let me suck you and lick your balls. I guarantee I will give you a great blow job. I called out to the guys, are you ready for me?

We had a great time last night. This is the second part of a Chat Room Hookup that takes place the next day. Please Don, are you going to let me suck your cock? I really need to suck it bad. He slapped my butt back to show his dominance over me. I turned to see Paul getting undressed, exposing his beautiful cock which stood straight in the atmosphere.

I squeezed my butt tighter, milking his cock as he finished cumming. I began to lick his shaft and balls while Paul continued to fuck me. I believed if I was going to submissively give myself to Paul, I should just go with the flow, and so I obeyed my request. I walked to the restroom giving my ass a little additional wiggle as I knew they were watching me and a glanced back at them with a sly grin before I shut the door. I believe you’ll love this Jay.

Don then placed his hands in my back holding me in place. I know I told Paul that shots go right to my head so I figured he knew I was more worried than the night before and was trying to help loosen me up a little. My heart jumped a beat and I felt . Paul looked at him with a massive grin and nodded. Paul continued to push his cock deep into my ass, slapping my cheeks, forcing my passion even higher. As we turned, I could see a bulge forming Don’s crotch as I felt Paul’s climbing against my buttocks. The guys took their suit coats and ties and sat down next to me in the bar.

I did notice they were both in the boxers which concerned me somewhat but I was feeling drunk, sexy and sexy so I jumped to get closer to them in the bar. Without hesitation I answered, certain Paul. Paul was the first to declare he was cumming and he lunged deep into my ass and shot his first load then dragged back a bit and drove deep into me again and again releasing his sperm deep into my bum. Fuck me. He was all about our age but looked somewhat heavier, not match like Paul. I want you to suck Don’s cock Jay. I was going to embark upon a new experience again tonight.

Why don’Can you go put it around for us? Last night was so much fun I decided to just go with the flow and revel in myself. Let’s try it and if you don’t enjoy it, we’ll only ask him to leave. I swallowed it with pride. I could see Don’s hard on poking in front of his boxers.

Paul went on to inform Don how tight my ass was and how it was just like fucking a virgin . I was somewhat suspicious. He was fucking my mouth deep as his balls slapped in my chin. Only then Don returned in the restroom. You don’t need to do anything else, simply dancing with him a bit. It felt fantastic.

My cock was rock hard however restricted from the g string. The sensations of this penetration and shaking drove me crazy and I was soon moaning. I licked only under the rim of the mind and this drove him crazy. Paul was really fucking my ass great, forcing deep into me, our skin slapping with every deep thrust as I took Don involving my lips. Don is so sexy, it’s not fair to leave him like that.

Then he started to fuck me slowly pushing deeper into my ass with every thrust. I was rapidly losing control of myself. A number of his cum leaked out before he came. This wasn’t exactly what I consented to at the bar but I was powerless to resist and I was curious to feel and taste Don’s prick.

As I looked in the mirror, then I could see my nipples through the lace and also my long, muscular legs looked kind of nice in the lace stockings. Just like I did last night. With that I believed Don’s hands come down on my bum with a hard slap followed by a gentle rubbing of my lips and another hard slap. It would never happen again.

I recalled how sensitive I discovered they were from the night before. Don’s tough on was poking at my belly as I squirmed in his lap.I believed I had no control over the circumstance. I thought about it for a minute. He definitely had the daddy body kids joke about. I desired them to love fucking me as much as I loved fucking and sucking them.

I couldn’t believe I was going to do this. again. Paul poured another shot that I drank instantly and retreated to the restroom. I loved with Paul’s cock in my mouth . I pledged to not repeat them . ever. During the conference I couldn’t help considering the sensation of having a hard dick in my mouth savoring the taste of another man’s meat the sounds of me giving him a wet, sloppy blowjob the excitement when I felt his cock pulsate and him lunging forward the taste of his semen looking up at him once he finished cumming in my mouth knowing he was pleased with my blow job sporting lingerie whilst opening the door for room service with cum in my facebeing spanked before getting a good ass fucking while individuals from throughout the road watched usthe very first feeling of pain/pleasure within my ass hearing him grunting as he fucked me the sound of his epidermis and balls slapping against my ass. It had a tangy, salty taste but it was only a teaser for his entire load that was building.

He rubbed and squeezed my bum as I resigned myself to the humiliation. The black lace perfectly contrasts and emphasized my white bum. It was out of character for me so I decided I wouldn’t contact him that’s for certain. Paul then lead me over to the king size mattress and said, we need to prepare Jay for the remainder of the evening. I was somewhat disappointed that there was someone else . Paul started to rub my leg under the table and feeling him touch me like that again electrified me. I expect you aren’t crazy. Can you please let me blow you?

Paul then chose a package from underneath the bar and handed it to me. That’s correct Paul. Oh, you should beg Don to allow you to suck on his dick Jay. This was taking it to another level however. We were a little drunk and I was sober now. I looked at Paul with some hesitancy.

I reached around to grab Paul’s ass and pulled him closer, dry humping each other. By Jay comments / views / favorites. Perhaps Paul felt like that was a certain thing and decided to devote a bit more income. Nonetheless, in the back of my head, I wondered if Paul would try to get in touch with me again and farther wondered what I might do when he did.

I figured he was going to add the butt plug again but Paul pulled out a vibrator that looked like a dick and some lube. I was loving every second of these with me as their slut. It made me hotter as he was basically offering my services to his friend and I was going to submissively obey his petition.

They were driving themselves into me and it was my duty to please them. I looked about and saw Paul sitting in a booth with another guy.