Who will be MLB’s best 50 players in five years? Trout, Vlad Jr., Harper make our projection on New Year’s 2019

Welcome to 2019.

All of the pleasure and excitement of 2018 is formally in the rear-view mirror and we are roughly six months from defeat strangers tweeting out grainy cell phone photographs through fences as pitchers and catchers report to spring training to start the new season. I can’t wait. Give me all of the spring mobile phone photos you can find.
To kick off the new year, we are going to try to predict the future. Not the 2019 year though. We’re going to look ahead five decades and try to predict the best 50 MLB players to the 2023 season. Are you aware how much changes in five years? A lot. Listed below are the top 10 players in baseball five years ago, according to WAR:
Trout is the just one of those 10 players I’d comfortably expect to become one of the top 10 players in WAR in 2019. Heck, go back only three years, and players such as Jake Arrieta and Kevin Kiermaier were among the top 10 in WAR. A lot changes in five years. A lot.
That’s not likely to stop us from attempting to predict the future however. After consulting with my fellow CBS Sports MLB scribes, I have put together a definitive list of the best 50 players in baseball to the 2023 season. Assuming baseball survives the fantastic Strike of 2021-22, these will be the greatest players from the sport five years from today.

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