World Athletics Championships: Noah Lyles wins 200m gold with Adam Gemili fourth

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By Saj Chowdhury
BBC Sport in Doha
Noah Lyles restricted off a marvellous season with success on earth 200m closing in 19.83 moments but Briton Adam Gemili narrowly missed out on a medal.
Gemili led coming from the bend but had been picked off by the American, Canadas Andre de Grasse, who took silver, and Alex Quinonez.
The 25-year-old completed in 20.03 – just five hundredths of a second behind the Ecuadorian.
I am gutted, I am so sorry, a distraught Gemili told BBC Sport.
All my form went from the window and I conducted like such an amateur.
It proved not to be enough although the European champion twice set seasons bests in the and matched his semi-final period in the final.
If he missed out by three thousandths of a 21, it was reminiscent of the Rio 2016 Olympics final.
As Lyles, he was the obvious favourite, with run the fourth fastest time ever earlier in the season for.
From someone else it would need an outstanding screen Together with the lack of compatriot and fiercest rival Christian Coleman to take the name from the charismatic runner, but that never materialised.
Lyles did not get close to the time of 19.50 he was able in Lausanne, but the 22-year-old did not have to drive himself to the limit as he collected his first global name.
So many times I believed in my brain Im going to be world champion this season, the American, tipped by many as the guy to take over from Usain Bolt since the face of the game, told BBC Sport.
I have it on my cellphone, Ive been saying it since the season began, each day I have been hitting on my car window on the way back in practice saying,I will be world champion this season, as the songs blasted out.
That is actually my first one and that I really dont know a good deal of people who can say that they came for the first world championships and caught the gold
Gemili was left slumping his mind at the end over an advertising hoarding in disappointment.
This was an opportunity. I cant believe I let it go when I had it, said the Briton, who in recent times has been hampered by hamstring problems,
I really feel like I have let so many individuals down. The previous two years I return to where I need to be and have been plagued with injuries. Not to break 20 minutes is heartbreaking and disappointing. I had the medal and it slipped out of my hands.
Gemili needed his funding cut from an individual athlete into a athlete last year and has said that it has given him fire. This functionality in Doha has added on the horizon to this with next years Tokyo Olympics.
I have to take the positives I guess, he said. Its re-lit something within me now. Proceed to Tokyo this past year, its winnable.
No man has won a medal in this event since silver was taken by John Regis at 1993.
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