WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Pro Wrestling Betting Odds

–The first WWE’Royal Rumble’ PPV was in 1988

–The’Greatest Royal Rumble’ will have an all time high in 50 entrants
–The’Greatest Royal Rumble’ takes place on April 27, 2018, at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Only a few weeks after”Wrestlemania 34″ that the WWE will present yet another massive show on April 27, this one known as the’Greatest Royal Rumble’. The entire backstory of this show as well as the booking is somewhat curious to the point that it is tough to determine exactly what’s going on. The show will take place in the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Saudi press is calling it the nation’s’most brash and brutal sporting occasion of 2018.’ It is going to be accessible live on the WWE Network or PPV based on the nation. Because of the time difference the card begins at 12:00 Noon Eastern with a preshow beginning at 11:00 AM.
So how did the WWE end up in Saudi Arabia using a ridiculously stacked card just a couple weeks after Wrestlemania? Can you think it is all about cash? The series is part of a multiyear’partnership’ between the wrestling marketing and the Saudi General Sports Authority. The partnership is part of a broader initiative called Saudi Vision 2030 which hopes to bring about social and economic reforms in Saudi Arabia with the objective of reducing their reliance on oil exports. Tracy Lee of Newsweek describes it thusly:
The event reflects the Muslim’s country economic and social reforms aimed at transforming Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, spearheaded a larger investment in sports as well as an initiative dubbed the Vision 2030, which is meant to decrease the country’s reliance on petroleum.
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was understandably thrilled:
“The Greatest Royal Rumble will be a spectacle of historic proportions. Our partnership with the Saudi General Sports Authority reveals a long-term commitment to introduce WWE’s world-class amusement to a global audience on a grander scale than previously.”
You are no doubt wondering just how an event of this proportion held in Saudi Arabia will mesh with the WWE’s open concept of service for lovers of all sexual orientations, and of course the work they’ve put into revitalizing their women’s branch? It is easy –the WWE will do what they’re told. Here is the present condition of’reform’ in Saudi Arabia, once more in Newsweek’s Lee:
Only last October, the General Sports Authority said that girls for the very first time will be permitted to go to sports events at chosen stadiums in early 2018. The town of Jeddah recently hosted the country’s first women-only cycling event.
It arrived a month after the nation decided to lift its ban on female drivers, which has long been seen as a symbol of the country’s repression of women.
Translation–no women’s matches on the card without a doubt it is going to be more ixnay on the’LGBT acceptance’ talk.
The deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority is obviously lucrative enough for the WWE to do anything they’re asked in order to make it happen. How lucrative? Lucrative enough to bring over near 100 wrestlers including all the big guns–Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Kane, The Undertaker as well as Chris Jericho and Triple H. The event has been held in a 65,000 seat arena meaning a complete house would not be that far away by a’Wrestlemania’ flat attendance. Lucrative enough that the promotion may have altered the booking for what’s their’marquee event’ aka’Wrestlemania’ to beef up the card for the show in Saudi Arabia. Bryan Alverez of The Wrestling Observer summed it up:
“So now they have got this giant display in Saudi Arabia. Can you guys know just how much cash WWE could potentially make through deals with Saudi Arabia? So, that is the priority at the moment. Not WrestleMania that you already bought your ticket ”
There has been some backlash about the lack of women’s matches on the series but those inside the business have been mum on the topic, obviously realizing the WWE is coping with a massive payday herenow and in the future. Additionally, they might create a few of their fans mad by booking several big title changes here (like by all accounts a Global Championship win by Roman Reigns over Brock Lesnar) however, the WWE is confident that it will not hurt their American viewers. At any rate, there are enough chips on the table in the Middle East to make it worth the risk.
Here would be the SPORTS BETTING EXPERTS opening chances for the’Greatest Royal Rumble’. There are now 8 matches 9 matches supported for the show so there will likely be additional ones added into the card. Below you will find the odds on the confirmed matches. Start looking for an odds update as conditions warrant. We’ll also be adding a few prop bets on the’Greatest Royal Rumble’ the week prior to the function.

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