You may drive to your camping spot, but don’t want to make use of your car as transportaion in the playa through the duration of your stay.

You may drive to your camping spot, but don’t want to make use of your car as transportaion in the playa through the duration of your stay.

Getting To Burning Guy

A: This will be a severe security problem and you will be strictly enforced. No driving will be permitted without having a Burning Man DMV license.

A: You can, and you ought to keep your car at your campsite. Do not use it for transportation around our city — this might be among the conditions for camping right right right here. Ebony Rock City is completely available by bike or by walking. Your use of our town suggests a knowledge with this rule. You might be asked to keep in the event that you violate this policy. The exception that is sole that is art vehicles. If you wish to operate a vehicle your art car through the event, you will have to register using the Ebony Rock City DMV (Department of Mutant automobiles)

A. The nearest commercial airport with scheduled service is Reno Global, 127 kilometers away. Numerous individuals also fly through the Bay region (bay area, Oakland and San Jose are about 350 kilometers through the occasion). Take into account that you are traveling on work weekend, and flights fill up quickly and are often expensive day. General aviation aircraft may secure in the playa during the short-term Ebony Rock City Airport that is next to the big event. Tiny aircraft likely to secure at Ebony Rock City must contact the Airport Manager at well ahead of time.

A. You may be accountable for getting you to ultimately the big event. Presently, Burning guy provides no solution between Reno and Gerlach. Nonetheless, there are choices.

  • Keep an email from the local area of our ePlaya Bulletin Board, particularly the Reno trip share bulletin board to prepare a trip.
  • Many individuals who reach the little Reno airport shop around to locate other people that appear to be Burning Guy bound. The ones that trust serendipity and do find a trip through the airport should be prepared to share charges for gasoline and vehicle leasing.
  • You may be nevertheless in charge of your entire water, shelter and food requirements.
  • Real tale: in 1996, a Reno cab pulled as much as the gates of Ebony Rock City with two women that are young had negotiated a trip through the Reno airport. As the expense will soon be astronomical, it could be more affordable than leasing an automobile for the week. You merely will dsicover a cabbie crazy sufficient to repeat this…

A: RVs are fine. Keep in mind, this really is backwoods camping and there aren’t any hookups. Try not to discharge water that is gray sewage. RV servicing logistics may vary from a year ago. Keep tuned in for details, and see the RV Guide.


A. An extremely good concern, indeed. It’s an interactive camp created by the camp people utilizing the intention of engaging individuals. Extra information are available in the Theme Camp & Villages area. Theme camps can be found throughout Ebony Rock City. Assigned positioning comes after approved advanced registration. Though enrollment is not very required, only theme that is registered should be cited regarding the town map. People who enroll early get option spots and placement in the map. For enrollment deadlines, go to Theme Camps.

A. Still another fine concern. Villages certainly are a outgrowth that is natural of theme camp and much more information are available in the Theme Camp portion of this website.

A. Please read all the information within the Theme Camp & Villages and you may get the questionnaire that is appropriate.

A. It’s not at all necessary which you join either a layout camp or town. Whether we do or perhaps not, we request you to discover a way to engage; theme camps and villages include teamwork and team participation. When you have concept for a style camp, think about producing one yourself. It’s not also essential to register a theme camp — many groups elect to travel beneath the radar that is official. You will probably want to arrive earlier in the week to secure a space if you are planning on having a large and unregistered camp.

A. Positively. You may either create your installation in the camp, or put your art from the playa that is open. Be encouraged that the available playa is perhaps perhaps perhaps not designed for automobiles (with the exception of installation purposes) or camping. If you’d love to stay near your installation you may wish to build it in the camp. The location dealing with the town is open playa and you are invited to install art in this area. If you’re thinking about producing a skill installation in the playa that is open please the Art and gratification area.

A. In 2010, we shall continue steadily to try to spot all theme that is registered, that will then be mapped and assigned an area just before arrival regarding the playa. The exact same goes for art installments regarding the available playa. Consequently, it is advisable to register your theme camp, town or art installation early. Registration is certainly not a necessity for creating an art form installation or theme camp — much for the most readily useful art is present in unforeseen places!

A. Burning Man has flourished and survived through sharing, trading and also the providing regarding the present of yourself. We now have found the exchanging of products is a distraction to connecting and creating relationships. Attempting to sell is just a transaction-based task. Apart from the ice and cafe in Center Camp, there is absolutely no VENDING at Burning Man. Individuals that are discovered vending shall be expected to go out of.

A. There’s absolutely no Main Stage at Burning guy.

  • We encourage one to make your very own phase or community having a like-minded theme camp whom might want to feature your team. Post to your eplaya Bulletin Board or on Spark.
  • Theme Camps and Villages who’re preparing a phase should utilize other performers (musicians & performers) to completely use their area.
  • We’re going to have acoustic music and shows in the Center Camp Cafй. We’re in search of performers and designers of most kinds to add their talents.

A. Amplified music is a preferred approach to involvement and self-expression at Burning guy, and another that influences numerous individuals. Needless to say, Larry Harvey features a things that are few state about any of it. Take a look at this meeting with him from the summertime 2000 Newsletter.

  • We have been asking that amplified music in camps be held at a level that is reasonable.
  • Large scale sound art/systems MUST register for positioning.
  • In 2010, major noise systems are restricted to those camps found over the 2:00 and 10:00 axes.
  • Sound systems should not be any bigger than 300 watts.
  • Sound amounts made by any electronic system or device must not meet or exceed 90 decibels away from a camp or town.
  • Sound amounts emitted from any camp must not cause severe interruption to adjacent camps.
  • To obtain the full skinny, always check the sound policies out right here.

A: Burning Man just isn’t a rave, and it has not possessed a rave camp since 1996. While our ranks consist of a lot of people through the music that is electronic, they may not be almost all. Burning Man can be a test in short-term community, plus one that is radically all-inclusive. Yes, this can include ravers.

In The Playa

Q. Just exactly How may be the occasion la

A. Ebony Rock City is organized as 2/3 of the circle. You will find axes for each 30 minutes, from 2:00 to 10:00, intersecting with ten semi-circles that are concentric. You’ll be offered a map for the city upon your arrival. Center Camp (the middle for civic tasks) is within the center of this bend, plus the guy is only a little over 1/4 mile north right out of the center. August you can usually find the map online in early. Have a look at archive of past years right right here.

A: No. While you can find obviously marked roadways, there are not any “camping websites,” other as compared to spaces previously allotted for pre-placed theme camps and art installments. Those placement that is awarded used beforehand. Come early if you want room to include buddies.