Colts vs. Chargers NFL Pick – Week 1

Before the year even began in 2019, the Andrew Luck saga came to an end. News trickled retiring at the decision of the Colts’ final preseason game and the audience in attendance allowed him have it with boos. The Colts, who had been a favorite among several individuals to win the AFC South, saw a steep decline to win the branch.
With Luck out and Jacoby Brissett in as the starting quarterback, the Colts are. They had odds to win the AFC South. Banking on Luck to remain healthy was a tough request to start with. With respects to the Super Bowl, the Colts went +1500 into +5000.
Understandable, but I think a bit of an overreaction. As a result of the retirement of Luck, the Colts began working on a contract for Brissett. It was a smart move to give Brissett a reassurance giving their starter some optimism. When it boils down to dollars and cents, we’ll have to wait and see what sort of ROI they receive together with him.
Brissett has begun games earlier, but only as a fill in for the No. 1 quarterback. He also made his debut at 2016 against the Houston Texans in what had been a memorable day for him. As he was a copy in New England to get Tom Brady brissett directed the Patriots in that one.
His workload was in 2017 with the Colts. After Luck went down in Week 1, he started 15 games and appeared in all 16. Brissett finished with 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions in his debut as a full size option. This will be the season he is not just filling in for a person. We are going to see if he could surprise. His first test of the 2019 year will be out west from the Los Angeles Chargers at California.
The Chargers moved to the play last year. The next week, the Pats, 41-28 beat the Baltimore Ravens at the Wild Card Round, but thumped them. Philip Rivers is back, but they will be probably longer and down Melvin Gordon for at least Week 1. It is likely he and the Chargers never play another down and ends up at a trade. Head below to our complimentary Colts vs. Chargers Week 1 select.
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Naturally, the Colts are going to have a tougher time finding wins than Andrew Luck below center with Brissett. They are moving to a guy who has been a solid enough game supervisor in his career in an All-Star quarterback. Now it’s time for Brissett lead the team and to shake up the match manager tag. He is going to have goals to work for this season.
Brissett won’t have to do it all alone. Notably, a healthful T.Y. Hilton to strike deep helps assist Brissett in his development this season. Hilton feels certain about 2019, going as far to say this is . Together with Hilton, Eric Ebron is currently going to provide Brissett with a superb safety valve.
Ebron has become an end since going to the Colts. He’s reaching his whole potential, something that he was unable to do with the Lions. As he hauled in 66 receptions and also 13 touchdowns on the year, ebron was a monster target for Luck at the zone. His presence will help Brissett immensely against also this year and the Chargers.
Perhaps the best help of Brissett this year will come from the defense. This was one of the units in the NFL last year. They finished 11th in the league using 339.4 yards allowed per game and 10th with 21.5 points permitted. The Colts got in the offseason also by adding Justin Houston to the line. It is their most gifted defensive end since Dwight Freeney terrorized backfields.
The Chargers will proceed with a mix of Austin Ekeler along with Justin Jackson. Ekeler goes into this season in the NFL, having notched a career-high of 554 yards a year. He will be a focal point without a Gordon from the backfield. Northwestern product, Justin Jackson, ran for 206 yards as a rookie in 2018. The Chargers will probably be okay in this one, however, will be likely to miss Gordon.
There will be overreaction to the retirement of Andrew Luck this season. Brissett is not some bum which they must roll in there, although yes, the Colts would be better with Luck at dusk. Brissett has won matches and he has to use some talent around him.
With the addition of Justin Houston, the Colts are likely to have now too a threat on the end. Expect Indianapolis to be more amped up to perform here. They’ve been hearing for over a week now they’re nothing without Luck. By 4 or 3 points to provide the Colts a cover in a Week 1 competition, although the Chargers could win.

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